What are various types of vectors

Before knowing the types of vectors let us first understand what are vectors

While learning physics we come across many physical quantities like momentum, speed, length, temperature etc. Now when we study them we need to represent them too. So for their representation we should know whether the quantity is a scalar quanitity or a vector quantity.

Scalar are those physical quantities which requires only magnitude to describe them. There is no need of direction. Examples of scalar quantities are length, mass, time, speed , energy, density etc.

Vectors are those physical quantities which requires magnitude as well as direction for their complete representation are called as vector quantities. Examples of vector quantities are displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, momentum etc

types of vectors

There are various types of vectors such as,

1.Unit Vector,

2.Zero Vector,

3.Equal Vector,

4.Negative/Opposite Vector,

5.Resultant Vector,

6. Position Vector,

7. Co-inital Vector,

8. Coplanar Vectors

Let us discuss each one of them now.

1. Unit Vector – A unit vector is that vector which has a unit magnitude in a given particular direction . Unit vector in the direction of given vector is the ratio of that vector with its magnitude.

2. Zero Vector – A zero vector or null vector is a vector having zero magnitude in a particular direction.

3. Equal Vector – Equal vectors are those two or more than two vectors that have same magnitude and direction .

types of vector

4. Negative/Opposite Vector – A vector having opposite direction but equal magnitude is termed as negative vector of any given vector.

5. Resultant Vector – The resultant of two or more vector is that single vector, which produces the same effect as produced by all the vectors together.

types of vector

6. Position Vector – A vector which gives the position of a particle at a point with respect to the origin of chosen coordinate system, is called as the position vector of the particle.

7. Co-inital Vector – Vector can be said to be co-initial when they have the same origin point or starting point. This implies that the point of origin is common for these types of vectors, and then they may go in any random directions.

types of vector

8. Coplanar Vectors – When three or more than three vectors lie in the same plane, such vectors are called as coplanar vectors.

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