As we go from one planet to another planet, how will the mass and weight of a body change?

Mass of any body is the quantity of matter contained in a given volume of the body. As we will go from one planet to another planet, the mass of a body i.e the content inside the body remains same. Hence the mass will remain constant.

However as we have gone to the other planet ,so there is change in mass and radius of planet.

Also we know that acceleration due to gravity acting on the body is given by,

g = GM/R² , where G is called as universal gravitational constant , M is mass of the planet and R is the radius of the planet . So now we can say that the acceleration due to gravity depends on, g∝ M and g∝ 1/R²

Since weight of any body is W= mg, where m is the mass of the body.

hence we can write , W ∝ M/R² . Weight of the body will increase if the mass of the planet increases and weight will decrease when the radius of the planet increases.

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