How are Physics and Technology related

 Physics is a subject that deals with the physical phenomenon occuring around us, be it on microscopic scale or macroscopic scale. 

It tries to explain us how the universe works & gives us an idea to build technology with the knowledge gained through it.

Right from the discovery of electrons from heated cathode, that later got developed as tube for televison . Next is semiconductors on which almost all our day to day gadgets are working today, that too is a contribution of physics where we studied band gap theory , doping of semiconductors, constructions of transistors , LED, solar panels etc. 

Aviation industry that involves complex gadgets and complex principles of physics,  is also an out come of physics helping develop technology. The technology has went so far that today we are exploring other planets too.

More advanced technologies, naturally uses more advanced concepts of physics like in communication i.e in GPS or telecommunications , weather forecasting, remote sensing all possible because of study of satellites that was only possible after we studied gravitation laws given by Newton. 

Some names that should always be remembered when we are talking about physics and its role in developing technologies around us, are Coulomb, Ohm, Oersted, Faraday, Ampere, Einstein,  Newton,  Maxwell, Lorentz, Hertz, Edison, Tesla, Bell, Bohr etc etc etc. as the list goes endless. 

The principles and discoveries given by these great names are  the basics on which various technologies work on which is making our life smooth.

So today onwards , whenever you use any gadget , remember to thank the person behind it, the one who gave the basic principles on which the device is working and smoothing our lives. 

In one statement we can conclude, 

Technology Uses Physics As A Tool To Grow Itself 

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